Taking the guesswork out
of project management.




Our mission:

Provide the highest standard of project management.

Quality is quintessential.

BOAB is a progressive project management company that provides on-site project management, cloud-based control systems and consultancy to help businesses manage projects with both quality and efficiency.

We have real world experience across many industries.

BOAB uses in-depth experience to drive success. Our experience grants us the ground-level knowledge essential to good project management. No longer is there a disconnect between management and staff. We bridge the gap between staff and planning.

We offer solutions.

BOAB can manage your projects. We provide a complete, end to end solution with on-site management, and the systems to support it.

We use bespoke cloud-based control systems to take the guesswork out. Our approach is data driven and generates measurable results at all stages of project management, not just the end. This allows us to give attention where its needed and adapt as the project progresses.

BOAB also provides consultancy to ongoing projects. We are keen to work with you and your existing systems to tailor solutions that fit any need.

Meet our Director - Ian Robertson.

A skilled Project Director with a wealth of experience.

Ian has a background in Project and Construction Management with a focus on safety leadership.

18 years of experience in senior roles on projects in infrastructure, oil and gas, mining and energy, among others.

Ian has achieved formal training to cement his project management skills.

Ian’s career is founded in the trade, so his knowledge of project management extends from the ground up.

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